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    Standart Darren Woodson speaks out about Dak Prescott work ethic

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    Another week of the offseason is in the books and there is a lot for the Dallas Cowboys to be proud of. They have brought in noteworthy free agents, had arguably the best draft across the entire NFL, and they were able to negotiate a big-time contract with one of their star players - Amari Cooper.While Dallas has indeed been busy throughout the last few months the reality is that there is still a box left unchecked. We are in the second half of May and Dak Prescott still does not have a new deal.These things take time, we all understand that; however, if the Cowboys are unable to get this done and as a result jeopardize all of the other great work that theye done then it will be hard to consider the offseason as a whole a home run https://www.cowboysteamfansstore.com...acek_Jersey-40. One former Cowboys player thinks that something will in fact ultimately happen, though.Darren Woodson thinks a Dak deal happens, and he also described his strong work ethicThere are a lot of former Cowboys in the media and one of them is a player that deserves a bronze bust in Canton, OH - Darren Woodson https://www.cowboysteamfansstore.com...per_Jersey-225. Woody launched a new podcast recently and as a result has been making the rounds to promote it. Darren appeared on The Pat McAfee Show this past week to talk about his new podcast and obviously hit on the big Cowboys topics of the moment. He was asked about Prescott pending pay day and noted that he believes that a deal ultimately gets done because the Jones family loves their quarterback.Woodson went beyond predicting that a Dak deal gets done and gave us a bit of insight that he would only have. He explained that his office that is located at The Star overlooks the Cowboys practice field and that as a result of his particular vantage point he has seen Dak Prescott out working in the middle of June in a previous year with a receiver far down the depth chart. This is definitely the type of thing that people expect of a starting quarterback Malcolm Smith Jersey, especially one that would command an inordinate amount of money, but it is still nice to hear. Back during the 2018 season Woodson made some comments about Prescott leadership so we know that he is a believer in Dak in that capacity. Maybe this will be the week that the Cowboys and Dak Prescott get a deal done, but considering that this week will not include the day of July 15th that feels unlikely. Still though we can always hope. There a lot of time to do that these days.

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