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Alt 30 Kasım 2017   #1
Avatar Yok
Üyelik tarihi: 21 Kasım 2017
Üye No: 182
Mesajlar: 203
REP Puanı : 10
Standart Suprem-Sro 9D Only China # We make the difference

oSuprem Online

oSuprem Introduction:
-We are here to offer great experiences to you! so you can have some real fun, We always really wanted to create a server which contains a lot to do & We wanted to go back to '90 cap server because we all remember this old days with oldschool appearance

oOur Target:
-We are really here to offer you a long term server so you can get some real fun. We are not like the other servers that close their servers after 2 weeks.

oBeta Opening: [07.11.2017 18:00 GMT+1]
In this stage, We will test everything related to our system and our features! We really hope it to be effective .However we are pretty sure most people will PvP and in-general try to have fun instead of reporting bugs. It is also needed since more people will join the server to test it, so that means there is a possibility for errors/bugs to be found in addition, please feel free to suggest any ideas that may help us and feel free to report any bug we will be more happy to consider them. Also There is a reward for every player reports to us any bug!

oGrand Opening: [11.11.2017 18:00 GMT+1]
we are finally launching our server, The grand opening will be at the best time possible to ensure we will have a great population. so please try to be as helpful as you can in order to have a perfect long-term server and now We are sure that the server we will offer will be bug-free and completely smooth

oOficial WebSite: Suprem Online WebSite

oOficial WebSite: Suprem Online Download

oOficial WebSite: Suprem Online FaceBook

oCap : 90
oSkill : 90
oMastery : 300
oOnly China
oSolo Exp : 50x
oParty Exp : 60x
oDrop Rate : 35x
oDrop Gold : 35x
oSox Rate : 20x
oBox Event lvl 7 drop weapon 1-9D seal of star (drop mobs/uniq)
oBox Event lvl 9 drop acc 1-9D star/moon (drop uniq)
oAcademy : Working
oHonor Buffs : Enabled
oGuild/Union Emblem : Enabled
oIP Limit : None
oGuild Limit :None
oAlchemy : 2x
oFree Silk: Yes - 1 silk/hour
oEvent Uniq - rewend silk
oJob rates : Custom.
oMagic Pop : Enabled
oCTF : Enabled
oFortress : Jangan
oFGW : Enabled
oFGW Rate : 30x
oIn FGW drop items sun
oEvent Arena : Enabled
oCaptcha : No Captcha in Login Screen
oBatle Arena : Enabled
oAdv Elixir : A ,B*
oAuto Eqipament : FB +5
oMax Plus : 10 With Adv [+12]
oJewel Box : Enabled
oBotting : Allowed
oUnique Give Silk : Yes

oStart Items


oOld Alchemy Window.

oAuto Equipment.
We know that the auto equipment level makes the process very comfortable. It was unthinkable to forget such a nice feature. You can get +5 full blue items automatically until 9 degree..

oPvp Mode.
We brought back the old pvp mode, just go into the pvp mode and you are back with cape and without any avatar like old times.

oSnow Shield.

The int or hybrith players skill able because it require 200 int to open this skill

oPremium Modification.

We have added str/int as it is on iSro and we completely removed the resurrection scroll

oOur Npc
oItem normal 1 - 9 deggre plus 5 full blue
oItem sox drop at box-event lvl 1-7(drops mobs lvl 80-90)
oItem sox / moon drop at box-event lvl 1-9 (uniq)
oItem sun drop in FGW

oUnique Cave
We add more uniq spawn in B1- there is 5 new unique each unie drop silk and box event
Each room from B2 have unique wil* Drop Event-Box LvL 1-LvL 9

Box event will drop each mob or unique but low rate
Box event lv 1-3 item mall item
Box event lv 4-6 avatar global revers
Box event lv 7 weapon 1-9 degrre sos/mon
Box event lv 8 armor 1-9 degrre sos/mon
Box event lv 9 accesory 1-9 degrre sos/mon

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Join Us # Suprem Online

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Alt 09 Haziran 2018   #2
Avatar Yok
Üyelik tarihi: 09 Haziran 2018
Üye No: 538
Mesajlar: 4
REP Puanı : 10
Standart Cevap: Suprem-Sro 9D Only China # We make the difference

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